Monday, 26 March 2012

Pressing flowers

I made some flower presses a little while ago, inspired by (& named after) my lovely friend Rhiannon and it's taken me until now to allow myself to keep one and to have a little go! It's been a little while since my Dryad days. How good was Dryad by the way?!actually that should be how good IS - I had no idea they were still going but check it out! Tempting!
Anyway back to the flowers! Rosie left the most beautiful rose in the car after our jaunt and I couldn't resist pressing some of the petals - and of course photographing it! I can't wait to unscrew the press and see how they're doing but I'm going to hold off a little longer to make sure they're dried out completely.


  1. ahh rosie left a rose, how typical!

    lovely pictures, hope they turned out well xx

    1. hehe, like they just fall off you wherever you go!

      Hope Devon is looking after you, have you lathed (is that even a word?) xxx