Friday, 22 July 2011

Away we go

Oh Wales!
To Wales. To dip my feet in the ocean, eat the best pineapple tarts ever and hang out with my lovely family. See you when I get back x

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Foodie Birthday

So I reached the grand old age of 26 on Bastille day last week and I totally didn't realise quite how food related this particular birthday was until I started putting everything in it's new home today! Feeling a little bit spoilt!

Technically the Abel & Cole book wasn't a birthday gift but a well time gift for recommending them to a friend! I was so excited when I opened it! the photography is wonderful. There's even a kitty shot that I resisted photographing since we're on the subject of food and not cats. Sooner or later I'll make a post and say nothing about either... just you wait!

Jenny got me The Nordic Bakery its definitely going to be used a lot I think, I'm thinking of trying these first

and then these

And you know, mostly EVERYTHING inside this lovely book.

I also got these joys from my excelent present buying little Sister Lydia

I have a pretty impressive (if I do say so myself) collection of these little Favourites books. They're just SO GOOD! other winners in my collection include Favourite Caravanning recipes! whats not to love about that? I can pretend I'm cosied up in one of those lovely airstreams cooking up a little storm without ever leaving the house... well aside from to buy me some ingredients, unless of course the lovely Abel & Cole deliver them to me. Did I mention how much I like Abel & Cole? it's so exciting waking up on a monday morning and untieing the little box of treats likes its my birthday! Don't mock me seriously it's so so nice!

Anyway I digress as usual, what I was trying to get to was the excelent photos that accompany the retro recipes. Check out Jane over here in her kitchen preparing that classic French Onion soup

Her neighbour Wanda makes a mean Chicken Chasseur but perhaps I'll show you that another day, because you know I know you're desperate to see her mellow yellow kitchen.

I also got this incredibly slick Lunchbox from Gav and well let me tell you I'm going to be the talk of the town at SLG tomorrow. I'm so excited about lunch tomorrow and I only just ate dinner!

I also got the byootifully compiled recipe book to go along with it and I'm already planning to subject you to images of my lunches. So I guess you have that to look forward to!

Look at the little illustrations, it makes my heart sing a little bit!
It's a collaboration between a Visual Artist and an interaction designer who worked at a design studio together, and it's all new and still has that new book smell and well I'm pretty psyched it landed in my lap thats for sure!

Sunday, 10 July 2011

I'm so nosey when it comes to peoples homes, I like to wander around Notting Hill and peep through big bay windows with Virginie (Sorry if you live there!)
And at night on the bus when everyones flats are glowing yellow I can't help but study the wallpaper and bookshleves and the prints hanging on the walls. Gosh I'm a terrible person!

It's nice as in this case to be inside and not feel like you're snooping! these lovely things belong in the home of my good friends Rhiannon and Thom. (& soon a cat I hope!) the last two are some birthday gifts I was delivering.

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

What kind of a tea room doesn't have scones?

Rhi and I took a trip to the Secret Tea Room, thanks to Kate who made it look so appealing and delicious. I'm thinking about employing her as my personal travel guide since she knows all of the best spots around London and Bristol, where coincidentally I spend my weekends escaping the bustle of London.

After listening attentively to the lovely waitress reel off the epic list of cakes for the day I noticed she hadn't mentioned scones and came over all anxious that perhaps they'd run out! When I asked if they did have any she chuckled and replied ' why of course, what kind of a tea room would we be if we didn't have scones' !! And need I say anymore? The afternoon tea was a delight and once again we greedily went for a round of smoked salmon sandwiches to share. Eyes are always infinitely bigger than bellies I find!

Tuesday, 5 July 2011


I have had barely any time to check out degree shows this year, I of course squeezed in a look around the Camberwell show... well some of it! I worked during the private view but after the VIP breakfast managed to take some snaps before the crowds descended in the evening!

The space was so good, so much better than last year and everything looked so good. Mighty pleased and also a lot more terrified that I'm massively ill prepared to do my third year and show my work next year. YIKES.

Anyway I was supposed to be talking about this year wasn't I!

So so nice! Elin's bowls (last picture) were my favorite and I really wish I could've taken 'margaret' home with me, because every house needs a hand carved bowl called Margaret if you ask me. I'll show you some more later! including one of the pieces I helped out with.

Doesn't look like much

But pretty soon this place will be getting a makeover! I ope some of this old stuff gets salvaged, perhaps not the abadoned birds nest though. Hope they find a new spot to nest in!

Lots of exciting things on the horizon, and who says students get 3 months off to do nothing every summer. My summertimes are always more jam packed than term times but I'm definitely not complaining! Come September I'll probably be desperate for a break but after today I am full of excitement and anticipation!

Friday, 1 July 2011

Couldn't resist!

I got this little guy on a trip to Brighton and I'm pretty sure it's my favorite camera right now, even though I've not even seen any photos from it yet.I'll show you some of the photos as soon as I get them developed!

It meows and lights up to get your kitty's attention, perfect kitty portraits! I promise I didn't just shoot cats though.