Saturday, 31 December 2011


More highlights from a wonderful christmas!
Lots of Bananagrams! (gift from my lovely friend Ruthy)

Most excelent gift tag from Jake!

Obligatory christmas nails!

A lil' Christmas ambience

Festive toilet roll clue!

Momma knows a thing or two about wrapping

& about making sloe gin

YES Momma!

homemade crackers with homemade gifts inside!

& the best part of all of course was spending it with these beauties!

I was beyond spoilt and am incredibly grateful for a wonderful wonderful time! GUSH GUSH! no really though!
I hope yours was as magical as mine! Now I'm off to relax,listen to records and make some plans for the year ahead!

And thanks to my lovely sister Lydia for some of the lovely pictures, she is definitely a photographer in the making and was hogging the camera any time I didn't have it! Thanks Lydia!

On my plate Christmas edition!

How long do you have? lets just say it was a very indulgent christmas (isn't it always?!) Here are some of my highlights

I baked Lemon meringue pie - a job normally reserved for Nanny. It came out pretty yummy

Moms and Lydia made jam tarts and mince pies!

Most excelent boxing day tea - one of my favorite family traditions

Some of the treats

Smoked Salmon, Sil & cream cheese on toast for breakfast

Cheese, crackers, egg & soldiers for breakfast : )

Croissants with Mums homemade plum jam

Lucky charms!

And of course Christmas dinner!
Pate with mums homemade chutney & salad. SO GOOD

My sister Jenny and I cooked christmas dinner this year and there was so much food we forgot to serve the honey roast parsnips!

All in all a pretty yummy festive period! I got a yoghurt maker and a terrine so lots of that in the new year im sure! pretty stuffed now though
Hope you all had scrummy chsitmastime too! x

Sunday, 18 December 2011

little last minute Christmas Sale

Okay so I'm selling a few bits I've made this year so if anybody here would like anything just drop me an email ztynancampbell @ or leave a comment here! Postage will be a little but not too much. I can do europe and international too if you're into it but not in time for christmas. Maybe New years gift to self? haha

Camera necklaces £7

Snowflake Necklaces large £7 small £6

Squirrel Necklaces £7

Squirrel Tree Ornament large £4 small £3

Snowflake ornaments large £4 small £3

Squirrel Badges £5

Lomo & Lubitel badges £5

New Frame
Lubitel Frame £12

camera frame
Lomo frame £12

Snowflake & Camera Earrings £4 a pair (I did take a pic today but the daylight was dying so this one if from one of the christmas fairs, thanks Rosie!)

The earings posts and chains are all silver plated in case anyone is allergic to cheapo metal! and everything is cut from high quality birch ply

Christmas Dinner!

I'm afraid to say it's probably going to get pretty Christmas-centric around these parts. I'm a total sucker for everything about the christmas holidays. Advent, the tree, the markets, and considerable amounts from the cheese board! My family will be arriving at my place on the 23rd and I'm pretty excited! Jenny and I will do most of the cooking this year so I took the opportunity to have a little practise run and cooked a festive dinner for 6 of my friends and I. It was a lovely evening and I hope everyone left feeling suitable full up on christmas treats!

I'm keeping everything crossed for a blanket of snow (but once my family have arrived safely of course!)

Friday, 2 December 2011

It's time!

The tree is up, the Advent candle is lit, the calendar is stuffed with chocolate coins and I'm exciiiiited!

This weekend's Sunday Spot looks to be full of Christmas cheer too- I have lots of christmas activities up my sleeve!


Gavin and I climbed Monument this summer and took in the amazing views, and I forgot to show off my certificate until now! Excuse the grainy photo it was shot on one of these