Saturday, 28 January 2012


8oz SR Flour
3oz Caster Sugar
4oz Butter
1 egg
a little milk

Crumb the butter & flour with your fingertips
mix the dried fruit through
add the egg & form into a ball
add the milk if the mix is too dry
roll out & cut with a fluted cutter
cook for 3 minutes each side until golden brown
sprinkle with sugar

I like mine warm smeared with butter with a cup of tea, Enjoy!

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Book 3

The Craftsman

Book 3 is go. Does it count if I started it last year? and am re-reading it this year? I think so!

Thursday, 19 January 2012


Sorry posts have been a bit sparse but it's for good reason I promise! I've been doing a lot of this

Plenty of this

but don't worry, I've had a lot of help

and distractions

There has also been some speaking at this about my involvement with commonplace which was nice.

of course no essay would get finished without a slice of this

Still greedy in 2012!

I have been trying to keep going with the 52 books but fear the next one might have to be a short one so I can stay on track! I also did a run in the pouring rain this morning which I'm sure my legs will remind me of tomorrow!

Sunday, 15 January 2012


Finally a trailer for the new Wes Anderson Movie! Have you seen it?

Ohh the owl costume!

Wes Anderson Movies are some of my absolute favourites, I've been saying for approximately 6 years, that I'm going to have a Wes Anderson themed fancy dress party but never ever sorted it out- perhaps my 27th birthday party will be the one!

07.French Club
08.Yankee Racers
48.Mrs Cross
47.TV Dinner

The Royal Tennenbaums

61.Throwing Bags
21.Through Window
27.Looking Down
40.To Funeral
46.On Bike
45.To Plane
Dearjeeling Limited

When I worked for Simon Fujiwara one of the guys had woke on Fantastic Mr Fox making the little models! so neat. I had to try and contain myself and resist asking him a billion questions about it all. He said he went for drinks with Wes though and that he was mega quiet. I have a pretty overwhelming urge to rematch bottle rocket now, I haven't seen it in so long. In fact once my dissertation (yes I said THE word) is done perhaps I'll watch all of them!

Saturday, 14 January 2012


I've been busy photographing and writing a little guide to Brixton. So I figured I should share some of the pics of my favourite places here too! Eventually I'll get around to eating at every single scrummy little place in Brixton Village and do some proper write ups but for now just a visual feast!

I'm off to Richmond Park to say hi to the deer, have a good weekend x

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Book 2

Book 2
Book two is this guy, which you might remember was a thankyou gift from the lovely guys I work with atSLG I didn't have time to read it last year so im finally getting around to it. As long as I finish it this week I'll be all caught up despite my late start, hurray! (although taking this challenge in my busiest year at school might be a slight error! oh well)

Saturday, 7 January 2012


My face, neck, hands & house are all sprinkled with gold glitter! I cannot get rid of the stuff, which actually is kind of ok by me. I've been busy whipping up a little engagement gift for my lovely friends Rhiannon and Thom. It went a little like this....

excessive fringing and spangles and glitter are acceptable when it come to weddings right? this is their card

& a little hooray!
I bundled it off in the post yesterday and got a lovely message saying it had arrived today - well done Royal mail. So it's ok to share now that they've recieved it!

Friday, 6 January 2012


I feel like a bit (see massive) cliche for admitting this but it's the first week in January and I've decided to start (and gone once already) jogging and not just that! but also I have apparently hopped on the ole wagon and am going to try and read 52 books this year!
So this is number one.
A nice gentle introduction- despite having this since maybe November last year? I only started reading it yesterday and I'm almost done. Good job since technically I should already be on book 2. This ones is so close to home and makes me massively nostalgic. My sister's friend wrote it and everywhere Oliver goes I pretty much go back there with him. His appointment on the same road as my college and orthodontist, his camping trips down 'genith where I spent many school trips learning to surf and my 18th birthday with all my best friends camping and pretending to be in the circus. The way his dad welcomes the cork ferry, just like we used to from the balcony of my grandparents house. Constitution hill- the steepest cobbliest nightmare of a road to walk, ride, drive or go up in any fashion whatsoever!
ohh Swansea! How I miss you