Friday, 21 September 2012

The last of the sunny days?

Hi Southampton
I went to Southampton for the first time last week, to speak at a conference. We snuck in a wander around the docks before hopping back on the train and I snapped a few photos whilst drinking in the sea air.
Looks like the summer is on its way out! Autumn is my favourite time year so I hate to say it but I'm not sad to see the back of the summer at all. I'm roasting potato's and planning soups and stews from here until eternity and can't wait for cape weather! I did a little victory dance yesterday when it was cold enough for ankle boots.

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Popping up!

I've been Mia for quite some time and don't have much time to explain why! but here's one of the reasons
If you're around this evening come and say hi and have a few beers on us! The shop is looking super good and we plan on having a good old boogie to celebrate!

Friday, 24 August 2012


I've been meaning to upload these since we got back, seems like a million years ago already!
I checked the forecast before going and it was due to rain all week but I guess there was some kind of mistake as it was still 30* at 9pm
most nights. I absolutely love prague- so so beautiful, not a stag do in sight just beautiful architecture as far as the eye can see, and
lashings of pistachio ice cream which always helps!
We trekked out to the bone church in Kutna Hora there's something so much more magical about travelling by train in europe we got on
so many cute trains - plenty of wood panelling and little cabins with mirrors and old luggage racks. I don't know what it is but I'm such a
sucker for that kind of thing!

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Sometimes coming home from new cities can be tough
but not when your saturday shapes up like this

Prague is beautiful
but so is home!

Saturday, 28 July 2012


I really want to learn to make brushes, I think it all started with my grandparents house, they had a little sideboard halfway down the stairs with a little silver tray with a clothes brush on top, maybe a mirror too but I don't really remember. Then there was this on one of my favourite blogs. I started bookmarking my favourite examples and saving images of beautiful brushes.
At HAY in Copenhagen I almost splurged on some of the beautiful brushes they stock
& then just a week or so ago, or more like a month now (who's keeping track anyway?)at New Designers I saw the work of the very talented Sharon Adams and was captivated once again!

Then I discovered that as well as being beautifully made that Iris Hantverk brushes are in fact made in Sweden by visually impaired craftsmen, so incredible
iris hantverk brush rack
So this is it - I'm gonna make some brushes- you heard me. I said it out loud and into the ether to now I have to make it happen!
and my parting gift to you, THIS guy!

Monday, 2 July 2012

Esther Stewart

I stumbled upon Esther Stewart a couple of weeks ago and fell a bit in love with her work, her colour palette is perfect and the idea is so simple but the execution is beautifully done. I guess she's considered a fine artist but this series appeals to my product and furniture love. I have the perfect lofty style apartment to put these in (well in my head I do) SO SO GOOD!
I've been trying and failing to find her official webspace, so if anyone knows of its existence please yell! There's a bit about her here

All images Lucy Feagins

Sunday, 1 July 2012

On longing

For the countryside
For the Seaside
For a workshop, a bonfire, a chicken coop

Herriott Grace from Supplemental on Vimeo.

I just watched this film about Herriott Grace for the second time and it's just as beautiful as I remember. I love getting caught up in the city- don't get me wrong. Getting lost, squashed in the crowd, finding my way home again. But sometimes I really miss the sea and I miss Wales and I miss dog walking and skimming stones. Today, well today just happens to be one of those days. One of those Sundays.

A nice reminder of how therapeutic the lathe is, and how much I really need to invest in one! It's only been about a month since I waved goodbye to the one at school but it feels like forever ago already!

Friday, 29 June 2012

On my plate

It's been a little while since I posted one of these- make that a while since I posted much of anything! Resuming regular service from here on in. Or at least that's the plan!
Brunching like a champion... if I do say so myself. I've been meaning to try sun (well oven) drying tomatoes for a while so I'm off to give it a shot. I'll let you know how it goes!

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Final show

So thats it! All done and mostly dusted. I only went and got myself a degree. I know they're ten a penny but I'm feeling pretty stoked right now.
Here's some photos of the show for those of you who didn't make it. We got a super good space this year right by the VIP breakfast and all. Got a surprise mention in the Deans speech too which was nice! As did lovely Rosie

Degree Show
Degree Show
Degree Show
Degree Show
Degree Show Degree Show

My website also launched HOORAY! so go have a nose and tell me what you think! I've got loads I want to say but I'm so tired! June has been intense - no such thing as a weekend & only 3 days off but it's all very exciting!

Dearest July I'm ready for you! Birthday, Graduation, more sleep and then a little trip tagged on the tail end...

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Shop of possibilities!

So remember this, well things look a bit differently now! in fact it looks more like this
So exciting! it's SLG's new social space and it looks amazing! The instagram snaps probably don't do it justice but I'm sure I'll snap some more over the next few weeks with my good camera. I'm super stoked to be working on the project for the next month (and hopefully longer) so watch this space for updates on all the amazing going ons!
Also trying desperately to get back into the swing of updating a little more over here! I have a total of 3 days off this month including weekends so post hand in is not so relaxed after all. I'm kinda enjoying being this busy though,it's so weird but after spending so long working really intensely on the final project it's kinda hard to just do nothing now! I wonder if this feeling will last forever! hah but embracing it for now!
Interesting that the weather took a dramatic turn as soon as I handed in! at least the allotment is getting watered since I haven't had time to go much but more on whats growing over there another time.

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

100th Post & a little giveaway!

Hooray, today is my 100th post! It took me a little longer than expected to get there- probably a lot to do with school work getting the better of me but hey I made it! It seems fitting to show you why I've been MIA for so long, so here's a little sneak peak at some of the little guys I've been working on for my final show. I'm painting some of them with the paints I was gushing about the other day





I'm midway through building my website which is a bit of a love/hate situation right now but I can't wait for it to go live and show you guys.
Since we're celebrating I thought it might be nice to do a little giveaway- mostly because I want you to say Hello! I see you over there in Brazil reading, Some of you in Sweden, Russia - Hello!, across the pond in America. Australia and the Philippines - Welcome! Israel, China and Turkey - Hi! and to everyone else I missed off too hello. So here's how it works- you leave a comment - introduce yourself if you feel so inclined and I'll pick out a winner who will receive some goodies, because who doesn't love receiving parcels? There will be one of my camera frames & some other surprises too


I guess I'm kinda running the risk of looking like Billy no mates here if none of you reply- so don't be shy! you'll have pretty good odds to win- ha!

Friday, 11 May 2012

Colour makes people happy

I visited the most magical place this week. To buy paint of all things, which you might think is not normally the most exciting of tasks! but there's this wonderful little place in Dulwich that sells wonderful paints from holland. The test colours are all shown on painted clogs- so you can see the colour in dark and shadow and from every possible angle! So smart. The whole place was amazing and made my heart sing a bit! The smell of hot chocolate warming in a little enamel saucepan for one. The cutest kitchen I've possibly ever laid my eyes. Small collections displayed on the perfect enamel shelves, battered and chipped painted floorboards and so much inspiration. I really wanted to move in! Reminded me a little of the wonderful apartments I got to visit in Sweden last year.





Please excuse the instagram shots but I really wanted to share. Hopefully there'll be more exciting things to tell you about this little place soon - I have hatched a little plan! I'll show you what I'm painting next week too.(promises promises!) If you want to visit - which I of course recommend then all you need to know is here

Friday, 20 April 2012

Anna Allen

So I'm on a bit of a video kick it seems?! Just wanted to pop in and quickly show this wonderful video for Anna Allen's new collection.
So beautiful! & so sweet that her brother made it for her.

Back soon to show you what I've been busy doing!

Saturday, 14 April 2012


Oh Kinfolk! literally amazing, and some of us (ahem me) only just realised that you can get it pretty easily in the UK from amazon! So as a little reward for myself for this I just ordered myself two issues. SO EXCITED for them to arrive

Here is a very nice place to spend time on the inter webs, my new love for food & I should start saving for everything in the new Rachel Antonoff collection!

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Petersham nurseries!

Oh my gosh I have been trying to go to Petersham nurseries and Richmond park forever and a day (as my moms would say) and I finally made it! Boy was it worth the wait. The weather was perfect as was the company and despite its hefty price tag the cake was pretty good too!

Next place I would like to tick off my list is Sunbury Antiques market!