Saturday, 14 April 2012


Oh Kinfolk! literally amazing, and some of us (ahem me) only just realised that you can get it pretty easily in the UK from amazon! So as a little reward for myself for this I just ordered myself two issues. SO EXCITED for them to arrive

Here is a very nice place to spend time on the inter webs, my new love for food & I should start saving for everything in the new Rachel Antonoff collection!


  1. Harhar yess aren't they just amazing! I have Issues 2 and 3 please say you got the first one? I can't find it :(

    They sell it in Ben Pentreath's, do you know it? we should go it's amazing and basically I will own everything in there one day

    1. I saw it listed on their stockists but couldn't be bothered to go there! haha, where is it? Those are the ones I got too! one wasn't available : ( I reckon I'll keep scouring ebay forever more amen!


    2. Well it's near the people's supermarket if you know that, or Great Ormond Street hospital. they're both quite specialist places, maybe the British Museum is near there too? somewhere round that general area anyway!