Thursday, 7 June 2012

Shop of possibilities!

So remember this, well things look a bit differently now! in fact it looks more like this
So exciting! it's SLG's new social space and it looks amazing! The instagram snaps probably don't do it justice but I'm sure I'll snap some more over the next few weeks with my good camera. I'm super stoked to be working on the project for the next month (and hopefully longer) so watch this space for updates on all the amazing going ons!
Also trying desperately to get back into the swing of updating a little more over here! I have a total of 3 days off this month including weekends so post hand in is not so relaxed after all. I'm kinda enjoying being this busy though,it's so weird but after spending so long working really intensely on the final project it's kinda hard to just do nothing now! I wonder if this feeling will last forever! hah but embracing it for now!
Interesting that the weather took a dramatic turn as soon as I handed in! at least the allotment is getting watered since I haven't had time to go much but more on whats growing over there another time.

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