Saturday, 28 July 2012


I really want to learn to make brushes, I think it all started with my grandparents house, they had a little sideboard halfway down the stairs with a little silver tray with a clothes brush on top, maybe a mirror too but I don't really remember. Then there was this on one of my favourite blogs. I started bookmarking my favourite examples and saving images of beautiful brushes.
At HAY in Copenhagen I almost splurged on some of the beautiful brushes they stock
& then just a week or so ago, or more like a month now (who's keeping track anyway?)at New Designers I saw the work of the very talented Sharon Adams and was captivated once again!

Then I discovered that as well as being beautifully made that Iris Hantverk brushes are in fact made in Sweden by visually impaired craftsmen, so incredible
iris hantverk brush rack
So this is it - I'm gonna make some brushes- you heard me. I said it out loud and into the ether to now I have to make it happen!
and my parting gift to you, THIS guy!

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  1. Just spotted your post Zoe. I'm glad you liked the brushes. My grandparents' house had one of those doggy clothes brush holders - thank you for reminding me! Sharon