Tuesday, 5 July 2011


I have had barely any time to check out degree shows this year, I of course squeezed in a look around the Camberwell show... well some of it! I worked during the private view but after the VIP breakfast managed to take some snaps before the crowds descended in the evening!

The space was so good, so much better than last year and everything looked so good. Mighty pleased and also a lot more terrified that I'm massively ill prepared to do my third year and show my work next year. YIKES.

Anyway I was supposed to be talking about this year wasn't I!

So so nice! Elin's bowls (last picture) were my favorite and I really wish I could've taken 'margaret' home with me, because every house needs a hand carved bowl called Margaret if you ask me. I'll show you some more later! including one of the pieces I helped out with.

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