Wednesday, 6 July 2011

What kind of a tea room doesn't have scones?

Rhi and I took a trip to the Secret Tea Room, thanks to Kate who made it look so appealing and delicious. I'm thinking about employing her as my personal travel guide since she knows all of the best spots around London and Bristol, where coincidentally I spend my weekends escaping the bustle of London.

After listening attentively to the lovely waitress reel off the epic list of cakes for the day I noticed she hadn't mentioned scones and came over all anxious that perhaps they'd run out! When I asked if they did have any she chuckled and replied ' why of course, what kind of a tea room would we be if we didn't have scones' !! And need I say anymore? The afternoon tea was a delight and once again we greedily went for a round of smoked salmon sandwiches to share. Eyes are always infinitely bigger than bellies I find!


  1. Oh I'm so glad you liked it :) Thanks for the mention and the lovely comment on my blog also!

  2. It's ohh so dreamy! & of course you're very welcome : ) x