Thursday, 27 October 2011

I won!

I don't know if you any of you visited Origin as part of London Design Festival this year? but if you did you may have met the lovely Esther Coombs in her booth. Esther collects old china and gives it a new lease of life with her beautiful illustrations! I'm sure you've seen her work already since she's been featured on lots of great design blogs but I really felt I should do a little post on her work. Esther was asking peole for a little feedback during Origin so I happily oblidged and filled in a little postcard. A week or so passed and then my inbox lit up with the news that I had won £100 to spend in Esthers etsy store! I literally never win anything, well besides christmas hampers from my Nans church raffle full of tinned spam and excelent jams! haha I couldn't believe it.

If you've visited Esthers store already then you'll probably understand when I tell you that I found the decision of what to pick pretty agonising! Any of the pieces would have been wonderful but after changing and rechanging my mind over and over I finally settled on these two

I'm definitely going to be buying some more things from Esther in the future, I'm imagining a little shelf in the kitchen (of my future house) with a little collection! So go on run along and buy something!
Thankyou so much Esther!

p.s Virginie was a runner up and just updated about the treat she got! The post which incidentally reminded me I should also do one!!


  1. Wow lucky you. They are both amazing!

  2. They look SO NICE! Cant wait to see them in your future kitchen ;-)