Thursday, 6 October 2011


Remember my beautiful lunchbox I got for my birthday? It's finally getting regular outings now that school has started again.
Tuesday (no picture) - Quinoa salad, hard boiled egg & Knackerbröd & apple puree. Prepared by Virginie
Wednesday - Pearl Barley, Creamed leeks & Watercress with Lemon and pepper breadcrumbs, Pear & Gruyere pie. Prepared by moi
Thursday - Betroot & Carrot Salad, Potato gratin, Fruit and choc ovo, Virginie once more.

Tomorrow is me, but it's a suprise! I thought the guys who designed the lunchbox and lovely recipe book had a blog which you could submitted your lunch pics too but either im being silly and can't find it , or in fact it was all a dream!.So I might have to start one!


  1. Yum, heart-shaped pie. I'm saving up for the new Kindle Touch, so starting this week I'm cutting down on food spending and packing lunch. Taking a page out of your book!

    P.S. Thanks for the egg timer tip, I'm going to ask that for a Christmas stocking stuffer. :D