Sunday, 26 February 2012

A little sunshine

Everything has been feeling decidedly gloomy around these parts of late but there's nothing like a sunny weekend to cheer you up! Ikea trips, Semlor!!!, revisiting the gym, repotting old friends and introducing them to new ones, best friends, old friends, brunch, roast dinner, SLEEP!

Wonderful Christmas present finally put to good use, you should get one too: here

Gave my terrarium a much needed trim

Virginie showed me how to grow an avocado plant from stone and mine is starting to look pretty happy now, I read they need to grow to ten feet to bare fruit so err I guess I'll keep you posted on that one!

I've planted leeks, salad, lemon balm, chives and next month I can add squash and spinach to the mix, hooray! and since I'm on a gardening kick here are some related goodies.
I'm treating myself to a lovely botanical print from Cornercopia in Brixton when I get paid for sure. The one on the right is from here but there a million and one amazing one son easy and ebay. I fell in love with a huge school one with the wooden hangers in Gothenburg but alas it was way too expensive and hard to bring home!

I have the veg one of these but have my eye on this one now too, if you feel like buying me, or yourself one for that matter try here


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