Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Reason no.372 on why I love Abel & Cole

The loveliest little recipe cards land on my doorstep every Monday morning and this week I whipped up their Coleslaw and it was SO good! Spring onions instead of onions is such a good call, I'd never thought of it before for some reason nom nom nom!

I made the tomato soup recipe lastnight too for my lunch today so I'll let you know how that goes down. And you know if you feel like, get yourself a box and tell them it's all because of me and they'll send me a present to say thanks because they're nice like that!

p.s if you thought I was joking I really wasn't, our box comes in the other ones name so tell 'em it was Gavin James who recommended you. I don't mind him taking the credit... honest!

p.p.s I will finally get around to having a go at proper TTV images this week but for now these fakes will have to surfice! I got my faux template from here .

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