Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Summer of Stitching

I hate changing rooms, and am not so big on huge crowds so it seemed like a good plan to try and make my piddly student budget stretch a bit further and start making some clothes myself. I started simple as you can see! but really pleased with the stuff I've made. Nothing beats someone asking you where you got something and being able to tell them you made it!

I'm also much more at home behind the camera so decided to let the garden take care of the modelling. Hope you like them!

The first two and last are adapted from the lovely pattern which you can buy from Jen here (I also made the dress version in black cotton). Then the one in the third is from a pattern I drafted from another top.

Next I'm dreaming up Corduroy pinafores and lots of plaids, in Navy, Mustard and Burgundy. Am I the only one who is ready for Autumn?


  1. NO! I'm totally ready for autumn I'm already plotting and scheming too!


  2. Well I'm not ready for school! but im sure ready for bundling up in a huge scarf and long sock and pinaforrrrres! x

  3. hej zoe! your clothes look absolutely AMAZing! very jealous- been trying to do similar this summer, but wintery versions of capes and chunky knits, but haven't got very far!!!

    hope you enjoy your term back at camberwell! Liv x

  4. Aww thanks Liv, have you left yet? if not we should go for a pre Sweden drink! hope you've had a good summer xx