Saturday, 27 August 2011


Jordana Bevan is my hero! & I only realised Yasmin (who plays her) wasn't a proper Welshy when I spotted her as Petrova in Ballet Shoes. Which incidentally I love love love too. The wardrobe.. oh the wardrobe!

I love this movie so much, its makes me all kinds of nostalgic- not that I need much help or promting in this department!
I saw some photos of Dan yr Ogof showcaves pop up in my google reader today and wanted to go back so badly and admire the streaky bacon stalactites. SO GOOD!

I wan't to make some Blurb books so I'm going to ask Mom if I can borrow all our old pics for scanning- I wonder if we have any from the caves?

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  1. We should go to Dan Yr Ogof sometime, I love it there - so beautiful inside the caves! And the horsey bit outside the caves, so cute!