Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Ends & Beginnings

So busy of late, leaving one job and then as it turns out not really leaving it afterall!
I had my last day at South London Gallery a couple of weeks ago but a few emails and a meeting later it seems I'll be back there for a little longer. Didn't even have that much time to miss the place, so pretty pleased about that!

This was drawn by two lovely little ones Ivan and Ricardo who I did a week of workshops and trips with.

I also got some wonderful books from my colleagues and an array of yummies (tea and cakes!) which was super nice of them. This one and this one which I've started and am really into so far.

As for new stuff I'm working on this ArtAngel project which FYI you should all come see! (or hear rather) And say Hi while you're at it!

Been trying to get cracking on some design bits too, working on some flower presses and camera related stuffs so I'll show you all that when I get around to it! slow and steady wins the race right?

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