Tuesday, 27 September 2011

James and Tilla Waters

I couldn't help but notice these beautiful ceramics at Origin last week when I visited, made even better when I saw that the couple work out of an old farm in Carmarthen, where I was born - well not on said farm but stiil! The longer I'm away from Wales the more I find myself missing it so these were a lovely little reminder of the gentler pace and the green green grass of home!

James & Tilla WatersJames & Tilla WatersJames & Tilla Waters

The hand stamped initials, the colour palette, the smooth forms- oh my they're so delightful!
I hope to arrange a visit someday, but it looks like I won't make it to Wales until 2012! Which is a very Scary prospect. I can barely believe the summer is over. For now I'll have to just pore over their website

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