Saturday, 31 December 2011


More highlights from a wonderful christmas!
Lots of Bananagrams! (gift from my lovely friend Ruthy)

Most excelent gift tag from Jake!

Obligatory christmas nails!

A lil' Christmas ambience

Festive toilet roll clue!

Momma knows a thing or two about wrapping

& about making sloe gin

YES Momma!

homemade crackers with homemade gifts inside!

& the best part of all of course was spending it with these beauties!

I was beyond spoilt and am incredibly grateful for a wonderful wonderful time! GUSH GUSH! no really though!
I hope yours was as magical as mine! Now I'm off to relax,listen to records and make some plans for the year ahead!

And thanks to my lovely sister Lydia for some of the lovely pictures, she is definitely a photographer in the making and was hogging the camera any time I didn't have it! Thanks Lydia!

1 comment:

  1. ahem! credit for the photos pleeeaaassseeeee! hehe
    great album though, love the ones of the pets! had a great time up in london at xmas you'll have to come to ours this year. Can't wait to see you again will come down on the train and we'll have to make friendship bracelet and have a beauty session hehe!
    Lots and lots of hugs, wishes and kisses Lydia xxxxxx