Sunday, 18 December 2011

little last minute Christmas Sale

Okay so I'm selling a few bits I've made this year so if anybody here would like anything just drop me an email ztynancampbell @ or leave a comment here! Postage will be a little but not too much. I can do europe and international too if you're into it but not in time for christmas. Maybe New years gift to self? haha

Camera necklaces £7

Snowflake Necklaces large £7 small £6

Squirrel Necklaces £7

Squirrel Tree Ornament large £4 small £3

Snowflake ornaments large £4 small £3

Squirrel Badges £5

Lomo & Lubitel badges £5

New Frame
Lubitel Frame £12

camera frame
Lomo frame £12

Snowflake & Camera Earrings £4 a pair (I did take a pic today but the daylight was dying so this one if from one of the christmas fairs, thanks Rosie!)

The earings posts and chains are all silver plated in case anyone is allergic to cheapo metal! and everything is cut from high quality birch ply

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