Saturday, 31 December 2011

On my plate Christmas edition!

How long do you have? lets just say it was a very indulgent christmas (isn't it always?!) Here are some of my highlights

I baked Lemon meringue pie - a job normally reserved for Nanny. It came out pretty yummy

Moms and Lydia made jam tarts and mince pies!

Most excelent boxing day tea - one of my favorite family traditions

Some of the treats

Smoked Salmon, Sil & cream cheese on toast for breakfast

Cheese, crackers, egg & soldiers for breakfast : )

Croissants with Mums homemade plum jam

Lucky charms!

And of course Christmas dinner!
Pate with mums homemade chutney & salad. SO GOOD

My sister Jenny and I cooked christmas dinner this year and there was so much food we forgot to serve the honey roast parsnips!

All in all a pretty yummy festive period! I got a yoghurt maker and a terrine so lots of that in the new year im sure! pretty stuffed now though
Hope you all had scrummy chsitmastime too! x

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