Friday, 6 January 2012


I feel like a bit (see massive) cliche for admitting this but it's the first week in January and I've decided to start (and gone once already) jogging and not just that! but also I have apparently hopped on the ole wagon and am going to try and read 52 books this year!
So this is number one.
A nice gentle introduction- despite having this since maybe November last year? I only started reading it yesterday and I'm almost done. Good job since technically I should already be on book 2. This ones is so close to home and makes me massively nostalgic. My sister's friend wrote it and everywhere Oliver goes I pretty much go back there with him. His appointment on the same road as my college and orthodontist, his camping trips down 'genith where I spent many school trips learning to surf and my 18th birthday with all my best friends camping and pretending to be in the circus. The way his dad welcomes the cork ferry, just like we used to from the balcony of my grandparents house. Constitution hill- the steepest cobbliest nightmare of a road to walk, ride, drive or go up in any fashion whatsoever!
ohh Swansea! How I miss you

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