Sunday, 1 January 2012

Happy New year!

Happy new year to you all! I'm not so crazy about New Year normally but we had a lovely low key evening. I listened to records, made plans for the new year and did a little dancing and kraken drinking in my bedroom. Then we popped to our local with a few friends and rung in the new year before feasting on falafel and heading home to bed! I had plans for sparklers and sky lanterns but it was so rainy and nasty that it didn't quite happen!

>br> This past year was a wonderful one! I spent 4 months of it in Sweden and fell in love with the place, then I came home and fell in love allover again with everything and everyone I'd left behind. I had some magical studio days and finally felt like I sort of had a plan! Then to truly top it all off I found out my wonderful friends Rhiannon and Thom will get married!! & that I'll be a Bridesmaid! So so lovely.

I don't really make resolutions but more life lists- ha! so this year I'd like to tick off the following

GRADUATING! & hopefully being proud of what I produce.

Take a trip to company house to register & start my own studio.

Get some products into some of my favorite stores!

Spend more time with the best ones (you know who you are!)

Spend less time sweating over things far from my control!

I certainly am not giving up chocolate or any other such nonsense! haha

Did you make any resolutions?

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  1. Happy New Year Broccoli! I wish you success achieving everything on your list this year!!
    Sorry I was a bit of a rubbish friend by the end of 2011, not replying emails or texts...
    This will be resolved tomorrow!!