Sunday, 6 November 2011


We set up a mini cinema in the front room and prjected all three LOTR (extended editions no less!) I'd never seen any of them before so it was quite an undertaking. I'm proud to say I stayed awake for 2.5, so probably around 8 or 9 hours worth. Good effort for someone who falls asleep in literally every movie ever. Especially ones I really like and want to see to the end! Of course in between episodes we had some fireworks too!

Just some back garden firework action, nothing too insane! But lots of lovely friends, a ginormous pan full of Gavins lovely chilli and lots of laughs. oh and one rocket that forgot to launch and just blew up a metre from us oops! and a terrified little Freya Kitty! Happy Guy Fawkes!

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  1. Your pictures came up so amazing! Thanks for the fireworks action, had a lot of fun. Can't believe I finally watched the films still need to watch the 3rd one though ;-)