Saturday, 19 November 2011


I got a roll of film from my Diana processed a few weeks ago and couldn't really remember where I'd used it up. Turns out it was a combination of things & places but most significantly a few shots of Göteborg! Reminding me I miss that beautiful place is Marta who longs for the snowy city too. And of course Anna who will be here for another few months.

Once this final year is done with we will plan a lovely reunion tour, catching up with all of the people we met along the way. It will be summertime and we'll dip our feet in the ocean in Barcelona, and hop accross to Heidi in Finland then see if Sophie will have us in Germany, Maja and Darja in Slovenia and so on and on!

My love affair with Göteborg is over here if you feel so inclined!

(What I wouldn't give for a Semla bun right now!)


  1. Oh, now I remember your blog! I mustn't have remembered to add it to my Google Reader x