Tuesday, 29 November 2011


Been a busy little bee making some things for a couple of craft fairs, thought I'd give you a little peak of how things are shaping up so far

New Frame

Badges & Frames and necklaces (almost done!) Snowflakes and cupcake wrappers next week. Hopefully some posters and tote bags too. Wouldn't it be nice if I could just do this all year, all day, everyday?! For now a few festive fairs will do then I can use the pennies to go and see this

I've seen it once before but it's so magical and I really really want to go again this year when my family come for Christmas! Ahhh Christmas how you've snuck up on me! Is it too early to be posting about Christmas? I can't hold it any longer.

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  1. hej zoe! this looks AMAZING! have you done this at college, on the laser cutter there? Me and another exchange girl are doing the HDK christmas market this too, and we've also got a camera themed product going on-we're laser cutting pinhole camera kits...so it's nice to see yours here too!