Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Ministry of stories

I swung by the Ministry of Stories during design week a while back. Have you been? It's based on the same premise as Dave Eggers 826 Valencia premises, which is an incredible pirate supplies shop and hidden behind the store is a non profit organisation that helps kids realise their writing dreams. such a wonderful concept! It doesn't hurt that the store sells a whole heap of amazing pirate themed things you definitely NEED in your life
(or rather I definitlely would like in mine!)

Like this rather good print
At the ministry of stories on this side of the pond you can stock your shelves full of delightful treats
like impacted ear wax snack bars, jars of snot and various other monster delicacies! So so fun!
or of course if you're gifted in the story writing department I heard a rumour from a monster friend that they really like volunteers!

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