Wednesday, 16 November 2011

I love this Video for Zara, I've lost (if you can call it a loss?!) far too many hours of my life to the Selby,  is pretty special. There are so many incredibly lavish houses that are far too much for me to imagine myself living in but that are really amazing to browse through.I especially love Andy & Kate Spade's

There's just something about seeing inside someone else house, I simply can't get enough of it! I've watched the above video far more times than I care to admit, now I mostly just miss my old attic bedroom, Wales, FRESH air, daylight and being totally carefree! It's so dreamy though. Soon things will be quiet and I'll be begging to be busy once more, but for now hooray for small distractions and a little daydreaming!


  1. What a good video! Thanks for the link :) I want to go the place where she got all the amazing fruit and veg from!

  2. OMG you too? I watched it yesterday morning and had to rewatch it because it was too beautiful and relaxing! I want to buy an old house and spend hours doing it up! The Selby is so good...