Wednesday, 2 November 2011

& then

Last week two lovely friends were in town from Birkenhead, we ate unholy amounts of good food, took photos, played many a game of virtual tennis (which fyi I am apparently real good at?!) and generally just hung out and had fun.
It's back to it now though, back to work! I'm juggling a ton of things right now- child protection training, giving workshops, dissertations, making making making, applying for courses, applying for funding and so on and on and on and on. It feels really nice to be busy and productive and im hoping the dark doesn't sap all of my energy!
I'm going to be blogging for Artists Access to Art Colleges I've met the four artists I'll be working with, which is all pretty exciting. So trying to squeeze in some time to film them at work and try my hand at a bt of stop frame. I'll show you their work another time and of course you'll be able to follow me over on the blog too!
Speaking of making and of films I just found this, I've not managed to make it to the V&A Power of making yet but this makes me really want to try and find the time! Also perfectly timed inspiration for my attempts!

& more eye candy from a classmate of mine Joe


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